Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012: A Slow Start to a Long Race

Whoa.. it's been a while since I'm posted a blog, and for those of you that actually keep up with this (Hi, Mom!), I apologize. The end of the year was a bit of a ride for me.. one of ups and downs. The downs, we'll talk about later (I'm actually considering writing a book about it -- but that's another blog, entirely).

However, the year ended with a bang as I was able to go home for Christmas (one of the few times I've been able to in the last couple of years) and get some much needed R&R. Before I left, I filmed a little short thing for Ace and a short while later, he booked a reoccurring role on BODY OF PROOF! Proud of him and happy for him! I don't think our short had anything to do with him booking the gig, but I'll let myself think it did ;)

The beginning of 2012 has been more of the same so far, which I'm not happy about. I've learned a lot of things over the last year but the main thing that I've learned is that producers are slow. I've been trying to get several films made and all the producers that I've been working with are just taking their sweet time. It's frustrating to say the least, but I understand it. I'm trying to avoid that as much as possible this year.

One example: A company really led me to believe that I would be hired to direct a film for them last summer. They told me they would be hiring their director before Christmas.. They still haven't made their decision.. Get my drift? But I guess no news it better than bad news, right?

On the Madison County front.. we'll be announcing the release date soon. As most of you have heard, we're playing in Little Rock, AR next month and I couldn't be more excited to bring the film back to the homeland! Roadside is reaching the final stages of the picture edit and it's turning out amazing. Daniel and Levi (my producer/editors) did an amazing job and built a house out of sand. It's insane! Very proud of what they were able to pull off and I'm ready to get it to the sound/music team!

As for what I'm working on next? I'm taking my career very seriously and I'm not waiting on managers, agents, producers, etc to get my next project going. I'm taking it back to the roots. I'm going to raise the money myself and have full and complete control over my next movie. Is it going to be hard? Yeah. Is it gonna suck? No. Why? Because I love making movies and every challenge is a challenge I want! Being a filmmaker means compromising.. a lot. But I'm at a place in my life where I want to steer the ship for a little while rather than playing by other people's rules. One of the best experiences was on Hostile Encounter, where everything was in my control. I'm looking to go that route again. Here's a little hint at the script I'm writing at the moment. It's like nothing you've ever seen from me.. or from most films of its kind, really. Hopefully I'll be able to announce what it is soon ;)

At the end of the year, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a few great people and I've already made some great new friends at the beginning of this year. Nothing makes me happier than meeting like-minded people that all want to succeed and see others succeed. One thing I've noticed in this business is that everyone has an ego and they all want credit for something they didn't do.. or even worse, they feel entitled. I think that's the worst.

But sometimes you run into people that want to hold onto you for support.. and that's fine.. until they're only leaning on you and not giving anything in return. I've been talking with some very experienced producers that have been in this business a long time and done some films that I really respect and it's opened my eyes a lot. Almost like finding new mentors.. but in reality, just gaining new friends. I look forward to what the next couple of months brings.

Lastly, I'm working on a comedy at the moment.. new, but familiar territory for me. I did a couple of comedy shorts in film school.. which is what led me to this project. I get behind the camera for a quick bit on it here in the near future. If something happens with it, I'll be sure to update it here.


  1. So well written, so proud! Mom always has you cradled and so does the Lord!:)
    Keep pushing for your babies....( you are young and talented and have so much to be grateful for!;)...just as I did when I gave birth to you!....

    Keep that positive attitude. and drive. And will.
    The magic carpet ride of life will take you to the place you want to be....
    Don't forget THE MAN UPSTAIRS....

    Love you, dolly!;)

  2. Hi Eric, I would just like to say that I really admire your love and devotion to your film and the horror genre as a whole. I'm an aspiring screenwriter and I can somewhat relate to what you're going through. I'm really excited to see your movie since backwoods slasher is my favorite horror sub-genre. I hope the movie will get distributed soon so everyone, especially horror fans, can enjoy it:)