Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spotlight on: ROADSIDE

Something I've been very involved with, but haven't had much of a chance to talk about lately is my latest feature film, ROADSIDE. While in the editing room today I started realizing how special and exciting this little film is and I wanted to shed a bit of light on it for those of you that don't know much about it.

A little look from the editing room at ROADSIDE
Roadside came about pretty quickly after Madison County. I had this idea brewing around in my head right before we started shooting Madison about two people being stuck on the side of the road. Their car would be running.. their phones would be working.. but they still couldn't leave. That would eventually become my tagline for this film. I found the idea so fascinating. I thought, "How could I pull it off", "What would the characters go through"?

The first thing I had to figure out is what would be stopping them? I didn't want something crazy.. I wanted something simple. Simple was the word for this film. It's about two people, a car and the side of a road.. why make it complicated? So I settled on a log. In fact, the entire idea for this film came about because my Dad stopped and moved a stump out of the middle of the road one day while we were driving. Instantly my mind started wandering.. it's amazing where inspiration comes from.

See.. a log in the road.
After that.. the words literally began writing themselves on the page. The writing process was surprisingly easy. I thought it would be insanely hard, but I was wrong. I had so much fun writing this script, in fact-- it was probably the most fun I've ever had writing a script.

I always described this film as "Hitchockian". It's funny because I've never actually been a HUGE student of Hitchcock. I know about his films, and I know the influence he's had on modern cinema-- but I've actually never sat down and really studied his body of work. Lately, I've been drawn to his films. Especially the likes of Rear Window, Rope, Lifeboat, Vertigo and so forth. Psycho has always been one of my all time favorites, but I've noticed-- for someone that's never really enjoyed "murder mysteries", I'm actually starting to grow on them.

The thought of telling a story with limited characters, in a single setting and involving some sort of mystery has always fascinated me.. The twists and turns of a story when basically everything is right in front of your face is such a rush-- to watch and to tell. Of course, Hitchock mastered this, but later films have had a great deal of success with it as well. Films like Phone Booth, and the more recent films like Devil, Frozen and Buried.

When making a film like this, you really need a strong story, a hook, and great actors. All of which I think Roadside has. Every time I see a little bit more of the film cut together, I get more and more excited to see the finished film. Without sounding too narcissistic, this is simply the type of film I would like to see. While far from perfect, like any film is, it's something I'm really proud of so far. It's a completely different beast than Madison County (the fact that Madison County takes place in the daylight and this takes place completely at night makes me laugh). Madison County has a lot of story to it, but it's spread out over more characters and places. This is all right in front of you. We basically shot the entire movie in a 50 foot space.

We shot an entire movie right here..
For one of the first times in my short filmmaking career, I'm looking at a film for its content rather than its budget, its stars, its shooting schedule, its whatever. This is simply just a movie. A story. It's bare bones at its finest. Making this movie was extremely tough and I pray to God I pulled it off. However, even if I didn't pull it off and this is the worst film ever made-- I still learned one hell of a lot about telling a story. I learned a lot about making movies.

When all of this is said and done, I hope you all go see the film and decide for yourself. Madison County will obviously be coming out first, but we hope to have this film out in festivals later this year, early next. Be on the look out for a poster and trailer in the future. But for now.. go LIKE the FACEBOOK PAGE and keep up with all the updates! Please spread the word and tell your friends as well!

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  1. Good writing here, my Little Man...can't wait to see these films!