Thursday, May 26, 2011

Which way to Madison County?

Writer's block is a terrible thing. I've been suffering from it for about a week now. I'm in the middle of writing my next film, the details of which I can't divulge just yet, but while I'm waiting for motivation and inspiration to hit, I thought I'd write my blog for the month of May.

This has been a pretty insane month, to say the least. With getting MADISON COUNTY out to the world, starting post on ROADSIDE and writing my next film-- I've had a lot on my plate. First, let's talk about Roadside. If you missed it the other day, a few images from the film were released by our good friends over at BLOODY-DISGUSTING.

I'm really proud of the response we've gotten. This film is one that I'm really proud of and I think it's going to catch a few people by surprise. While we're editing Roadside, we've been in contact with several people about the future of Madison. Probably the most common question I get is "when is Madison County coming out"? Or "when can I see Madison County"? The answer is simple.. I'm not sure.

Right now, we're in the process of selling Madison County to distributors around the world. This is the part of filmmaking that most artists hate, but has to be done. As a writer/director, you're usually not very involved in this part of the process. As a producer (which I am on all my films so far), I have to be. It sucks because most people that know me, know that I hate dealing with money-- but it's called show BUSINESS for a reason.

If you're not familiar with distribution, basically it involves us, the filmmakers, selling the movie to a company that will release it in theaters, DVD, VOD, TV, etc. And not just one company takes the film all over the world. So many deals have to be made. But, timing is everything-- as is the platform. See, we don't want to just hand Madison County over to someone, we want to make sure that we're going to reach as far and wide as we can. We have big plans for our little baby. We've been lucky enough to be in contact with several great people and companies and I think we're getting close to making something official. But, it's technically not up to us when the film is released, where it's released, or how.

We're definitely going to push as hard as we can for as many theaters as possible so that everyone can enjoy the movie the way we intended for it be seen-- on the big screen. Once its on DVD, it will obviously be everywhere. Foreign countries is another story all together. Right now, Germany is showing a strong interest in picking up the movie. I'm not sure what that means, but we're happy with it so far. They might just be the first foreign country to get the film. All I ask for is a trip to Germany for the premiere.

A few people have seen the film now and we're getting great responses. As of right now, it's only going out to distributors and festivals. So please, if you're a reviewer, don't contact me asking for a screener. Even if we secure distribution in the near future, we will be attending certain festivals around the world. If we're lucky, we might just show up with a copy of ROADSIDE to go along with Madison ;)

On the news front, we're working on something really special for Madison that I'm excited to share in the near future. We're also working on getting some Roadside stuff out to those of you that are interested in that film. I've been getting a lot of great messages and comments in support of Roadside, so please keep it up! And keep making noise for Madison and you'll get what you ask for, I promise! Keep letting people know that YOU WANT TO SEE IT and it will get out there faster. People in Hollywood hate taking chances.. so if you eliminate the risk, it will happen much sooner.

Also, the other day, Daniel, Ace and I were invited to do an episode of Choice Cuts with Ryan Turek for SHOCKTILLYOUDROP! We talked about everything from HOSTILE ENCOUNTER to ROADSIDE. We even gave our thoughts on the new Carrier remake (Yo, Screen Gems-- give me a call!). It should be a lot of fun. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to seeing how stupid we look on camera :P Look for that on iTunes in the near future!

Before I go - A few of you know what happened to my Mother recently, and I appreciate the show of support. She and our sweet baby girl, Gracie, are doing well and I couldn't be more thankful. Really appreciate all the love.

This is Gracie when she's happy.. Haha

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