Saturday, February 19, 2011

Somewhere between MADISON COUNTY and the SIDE of the ROAD.

I've had messages about when I'm going to post my next blog entry and all I could think about was.. people actually read this thing (aside from my Mother-- Hi, Mom!)? So I'm going to try and update at least once a month.. or at least before big things happen.

So far my life has been crazy lately, I'm happy to say. A lot of good things have been happening. A lot of great things have been happening for my friends, as well! Let's start with that.

Toward the end of January I got to see a friend's (and SUPER TALENTED filmmaker) film in theaters.. HUSK! Directed by Brett Simmons and shot by my buddy Jeff Dolen. It later played on Syfy at the beginning of this month.. I've been a hardcore support of After Dark Films ever since their first Horrorfest. So it was no surprise I got a super cine-boner when I found out they were doing After Dark Originals. And not only that.. but I knew several people involved in the productions-- including another great friend of mine, Steven C. Miller!

Seeing HUSK in the movie theater was a great expeience. I was surrounded by fellow filmmakers and the cast/crew/execs from After Dark. It was a great time and I had a lot of fun with the film. Everyone involved should be proud. If you get the chance-- go check it out! And if anyone from After Dark is reading this.. give me a call about your next series. My number is at the top of the page ;)

January and February have been kind of a blur for me. Lots of exciting things have been happening. First we'll start with the debuting of the MADISON COUNTY poster!!

Bloody-Disgusting debuts the Madison poster! shows Damien some love!
Geek Tyrant thinks we're nuts!
Dread Central shows us off!

We got tons of support and love for the Madison County poster, which I can't thank you enough for.. We had a lot of people work REALLY hard on the artwork and it shows!

After the poster came out, we began getting a lot of attention and I've been talking with several people online about the film through interviews, podcasts, facebook, twitter, etc. And I can't thank you guys enough. As of right now, Madison County is full steam ahead! Depending on everyone's schedules a select few people could be seeing Madison County VERY shortly!

Thanks to Madison County, my producers and I have been getting asked the same question a lot.. "What are you doing next"? Well, we've gone over several projects and we finally landed on one that we think is the right way to go. It was officially announced by my great friends covering all things horror at Bloody-Disgusting, Fangoria, and Dread Central! My next film is called, ROADISDE! Get the title? ;)

Eric England gets trapped ROADSIDE!
Bloody-Disgusting is on the side of the road with me!
Fangoria is stuck with us!

It's been such an amazing experience going into pre-production on Roadside already. We're getting contacted by great people who want to work with our team because of what they've heard and seen from Madison County. I'm so thankful that people are down for the cause and get what we're going for. We're just a bunch of guys who like making movies.. and thankfully, we're finding a bunch of people that want to help us do just that!

Roadside is a film that I came up with before we started shooting Madison County. It, like most ideas, just hit me one day and I couldn't get it off my brain. My Dad will be able to attest to the night I started writing Roadside.. I was sitting in his guest bedroom, while visiting in Arkansas and I literally couldn't get Roadside off my brain-- so I jumped up, grabbed the keys and went down the road to buy some skittles and diet coke (they were out of Mike and Ikes).

That night I wrote the first ten pages of Roadside.

I finished writing the script before Christmas while in LA. The film was green lit before February.

Already it's been a rollercoaster with hiring crew, finding the actors, choosing the locations. We eventually settled on Virginia (since it's where Daniel is from and we shot Madison in Arkansas last time). I can't wait to bring a film back to Arkansas, though! But Virginia is going to be a blast. We start shooting in April.

I don't want to unleash too many details about Roadside just yet-- but it will be a much different beast than Madison. You may see a few familiar faces in Roadside as well. It will be a blast, I promise!

As for Madison County-- distribution is still in the works. The trailer will be coming soon.. keep an eye out! It won't disappoint. I promise! We're hoping to have Roadside released this year if things go well with Madison. We'll definitely have Roadside completed by the end of the year and ready to show!

Post-production for one film, pre-production for another? Yes.. it's as insane as it sounds. 

Life is getting crazy. I'm super busy and I'm sure I'll be ready for a break after Roadside. But there's time for sleep when you're dead, right? We'll be documenting as much of the process for Roadside as we can. So be on the lookout for updates!

Lastly.. one thing before I go. My first feature film, HOSTILE ENCOUNTER made it's big screen debut last night and actually just finished playing in Beloit, WI at the Beloit International Film Festival. For a movie that was made for what I had in my wallet and some blood, sweat and tears.. I'm damn proud of it. Hopefully I'll be able to put some time, effort and money into it in the future and give it a proper release. Until then, it will be a hidden gem that only a select few people have seen. Look for copies on Ebay.

-Seacrest Out.

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